[Pre]1/4/MSD/MDD/Kumako [Antique Wingtip Boots - Riche] White

4/RHL007 White
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This boots is tended to Men's style, so it would be a bit bigger usual shoes's size.


1/4 - nearlly all 1/4 size good fit

e.g. MSD, MDD, Blue Fairy TF, Kumako, imomo....etc simlar size.

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Discount Period: today ~ 2024.05.31

Shipment Date : Around Mid of July 204

The shipment will be earlier or delay depends on the factory progress.

Please accept the waiting time, we will not refund for long waiting.

Think twice before you place the order.














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 The color will be different from different monitor 

 Factory production. 

 Please be tender when use it 

 The single production will be a bit different from others because of fabric pattern.

 It will not refund for any artificial damage.