1/3BoyHighHeels/IP Women[COVEN Ⅴ] Binding Mary Jane [Patent Pink]

3B/CV5 PPink
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:::Size::: (photo showing as below)

Modeling is POPO 68 high heels < Good fit

We try below feets, and results.....

POPO68 flat feets - tight but okay  (8.2x3cm)

SD17Boy  flat feets -  CANNOT WEAR (8.2cm) 

SD13Boy  flat feets - tight but okay

IP HOUSE 1/3 Girl flat feets(EID/SID/YID) -  Good fit (7.5cm)

IP HOUSE 1/3 Girl high heels(EID/SID/YID)-  a bit loose, but the binding is okay for fixing this issue

Monochrome high heels  -  Okay